Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Rearden Style

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rearden Style

 Walking away from the first production run of Rearden Metal, Rearden knows that industry will never be the same again. These metal foundries will soon all be replaced with Rearden Metal. Once cooled and tempered it is almost indestructible, non-corroding and has a green-blue sheen.
Rearden never was one to walk around the factory floor worrying about what he wore. As a molten metal droplet fell on his leather pants, he simply brushed it off, welcoming the singed leather that was left behind. The truth was that almost all of his clothes were covered in grease, eaten by acid, worn by years of use. People never noticed that, his intense presence completely overwhelmed the visual reality that surrounded him. It was as if a cloud of fog and style enshrouded him wherever he went.
1. Versace A/W 2011 (Vogue), 2. Electric phosphate smelting furnace (The Library of Congress), 3. Versace A/W 2011 (Vogue), 4. Versace A/W 2011 (Vogue), 5. Red Dress (Jak and Jil)