Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Day 15 - Instamatic

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 15 - Instamatic

Donatella worked for years in the competitive world of fashion. She once bit off part of Vivienne Westwoods ears for a photo-shoot. Her life was full of drugs and electro-pop beats. After her third visit to the Betty Ford Center Donatella knew that sneaking some coke in the children's visiting room was the lowest she could ever go. So she left early, got half her deposit back and bought a large farm with a city view.
Here she lived in a cave and communed with nature. She didn't smoke dope anymore, now she pounded the fibers into papers and fabrics. She spoke to animals and harvested her own soy beans. She hand sewed everything she wore. But there was just one problem in Donatella's life. She was just out of range of a cell tower for wireless data connection for her mobile, so she couldn't send any vintage Hipstamatic photographs of her alternative lifestyle to any of her friends. So she got a cab back to civilisation, bought some hard drugs and forgot the wonderful life she had made for herself.
1. Manuella Coatigan (Style Bubble), 2. Cliffs (Field Museum Library), 3. To Be Adored S/S 2011 (Style Bubble), 4. Shoot by Tom Marshak (The Photography Link), 5. Sophie by Hanneke van Leeuwen (The Ones2Watch), 6. Crow in flight (Richard Heeks), 7. Skyline (J. Barry)