Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Day 12 - Looking for Bears

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 12 - Looking for Bears

Amanda was trained in the art of the woods from as early as she could remember. One of her very first memories was of husking out a raccoons fur to make a hat with. Over the years she had collected fox-tails from her uncles, cousins and other close family, creating her prized possession: A Fox-tail Fan. It was so luxurious and thick that many a stranger had tried to buy it off her.
Even though she was so spectacularly beautiful and resourceful, Amanda was still a lonely woman. After years of hunting in the wild for her man, she was going to her last resort, online dating. So she asked a friend of hers to take a profile photo for her. She planned the shot to the last detail: A velvet dress with and scorched natural scenes, the neoprene inner from a hitchhiker that died in an avalanche, a gold threaded necklace that the made herself in a furnace, her fox-tail fan and her best friends in the world Mike and Tina (well Tina was taking the photo, Mike and Tina are married and they are both bears).
Her profile description read:
Alone and looking for a SWM bear

1. Bryanboy wearing Martin Margiela (Bryanboy), 2. American Black Bear (Field Museum), 3. Suburbia by Patric Lindblom (The Ones2Watch), 4. Liu Wen by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany Nov 2010 (Paper Mode), 5. Wood by Olivia Frolich (The Ones2Watch)