Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Day 04 - Special Delivery

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 04 - Special Delivery

Dooreen was delivering her usual package in the back streets of Amsterdam in the early hours of the morning. Miniature model trafficking had become a huge industry in the last year. After all the designers had gotten sick of the old, overweight, underweight, underage, ginger, blond, boyish, girlish, hunk, bombshell models, they needed something to keep the media interested.
It was at about this time that the research of a Swedish cloning experiment went public. For the last 10 years they had been creating miniature sized models by splicing the DNA of the worlds best models. The DNA was collected in Paris an undercover fashion show hair stylist.
Needless to say that the entire operation was highly illegal, but this only added to its allure for the elite designers. The first show to have a fully miniature modeling cast was Victor and Rolf, for once they would not need to upscale their doll-sized fashion creations. Next Dolce & Gabbana paraded groups of mini-men with tiny rippling abs. Most notably McQueen had his miniature models playing with robots: riding aibo dogs, driving model cars and flying model helicopters.
Image Credits: 1. Cyclist (The Sartorialist), 2. Abbey Lee by Emma Summer for I.D. April 2010 (Paper Mode), 3. Candice Swanepoel by Mario Testino for VMAN (Paper Mode), 4. Neon (Images of Elements), 5. Brick Wall (Wikimedia), 6. Smoke (Link)