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Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet the internet, its open...

Its taken a few months after the Sartorialist/Fake Sartorialist fiasco (read more here) for me to get my head back on and straighten out my objectives for this site. I got half way there with my manifesto created earlier this year (original post).
So today I will be back to my old ways. I will once again start using fashion blogger images, The Sartorialist included, but this time a far wider fashion blogger net has been cast and including other images found on the internet. I will systematically trawl the internet for the most interesting images I can find, break them down and reconstruct them into new creative works.
Only this time I will be more methodical in my approach. Each image used in creating the collage will be documented and linked back to its original creator. This linking is as an acknowledgment of the connection of the work to the final piece and will give people a better understanding of how I come to the images I have created. To be clear, this link does not in any way imply an ownership of the link-ee to the final image created. The creation of these works on my part are entirely new works comprised of found online content (freely available to the public) that has been reconceptualised into a new work.

An image attribution example

So the Fake Sartorialist is back in that melting-pot, called the internet. That wonderful place where ideas mix, crash together, are shared by billions of people each day.
It's good to be back. I've got a lot of new content planned for the next few months. Stay tuned.