Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Guillotine Pop-Up Store Launch

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Guillotine Pop-Up Store Launch

I've once again teamed up with Guillotine, by Lisa Jaffe, to help design their first pop-up store. The opening was a great success!
Fake Sartorialist Original Prints launched at the store, the next post will detail the launch of the online store>>>
There were a few different elements to the store:
1: Structure - I carried out basic conceptualisation for the materiality of the structure that creates the changing room and display areas within. Construction and design by Brendan Copestake and I. Inspiration by Lisa Jaffe, Sakura Butler and Thireshen Govender.
2: Window installation - by Tegan Bristow with needle and thread simulating a summer storm, and and led array programmed to simulate falling drops of water. All while a Guillotine piece rotates behind the rain.
3. Graphics: Me :)
4. Fake Sartorialist Original Prints capsule: Designed by Fake Sart of course.


Entering the store
Cage structure enclosing changing room.

Cage structure showing inserted garments, orchids and fishbowls.
Fake Sartorialist Original Prints capsule.