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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Magic Box: Thousand Year Ripple

(after Hapsical image 2010)

It had been a thousand years since he had last emerged from his watery lair. The pressure so far down pressed upon his chest, leaving a ghostly carbon-imprint on his body.
He pushed himself upward dislodging a millennium of thick soot that drifted around him as if it were sorry to leave him. He rose a thousand meters before seeing a glimpse of light and yet another thousand before seeing the undulating surface of the ocean. In one loud burst, in the middle of nowhere, he breached the water. For forty three minutes he stood soaking in the fresh, still air and without any will of his own he was dragged back to his watery lair, consigned to another millennium of solitude.

About Hapsical:
Hapsical is an intrepid fashion blogger. He can break down complex collections into a series simple concepts. His season hi-light posts are mammoth, dealing with the merits of all shows that deserve to be mentioned (good and bad). His slight obsession with Raf Simons has lead to an almost encyclopedic article covering 15 years of his shows (read it here). If its fashion blogging with brains that your looking for Hapsical is it.
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Image Credits:
Falling ink by xxwingxx, Freja Erichsen by Rafael Stahelin for Vogue Korea Sept 2010,  Jill Sander bag ,  S/S 2011 by Raf Simons, S/S/ 2011 by Raf Simons, GQ Style - Jacket by Raf Simons.