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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Magic Box: Mince Me Beautiful

Somewhere deep in the Johannesburg's meat-packing district* live two unique fashion designers. They are masters of sinew, sculptors of bone, weavers of cartilage and drapers of muscle. They can do with raw meat what people can hardly do with the finest silk.
Their tools: bone-saws and staple-guns, twine and butcher-paper, cling-wrap and shrink-wrap.
From these basic elements they create magical forms, almost alive (or recently so). Their wears have the shortest of life cycles. Their visions and materials are so cutting edge that their clothes come with sell and use-by dates. The epitome of consumerism, they have their clients coming back for more as if they were doing grocery shopping.

(Original image: Fake Sartorialist)

About the image:
This image was taken at a bar in Johannesburg. Claudette Pombo and Duncan Gosling, pictured above were hanging out in the bar's bathroom, at first I thought it was strange, did my thing, and went back to the bar. I just couldn't help but go back an ask them what they were doing and snap a photograph while I was at it. Their reasoning had something to do with the bathroom having actually surpassed the bar in 'coolness' factor, which might be a damning thing to say about the bar.

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*Johannesburg has no 'meat-packing' district.