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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Land of Oz

(Chanel Fall 2010 - NYMag)

Karl is off to visit the Wizard...
Every year after all the runway shows have run their course, I get to the real work of printing miniature models from all the shows and reenacting them to get that front-row experience. Sometimes I even manage to find some videos on YouTube, thanks Diane Pernet, and play them back so that I get a real sense of the show's aural ambiance. 

But I digress... yesterday I was reenacting the Chanel Fall 2010 show. I got to the end and was a bit bored so I made the sexy male model dance a bit with Karl and before I knew it they were singing 'We're off to See The Wizard'. An hour of singing later, Karl revealed to the model that he was in fact the Wizard and had just strung him along the whole time so that he could run along the yellow brick road holding his beautifully defined bicep.