Google+ Fake Sartorialist: VOGUE ALIEN - Vogue Flashback

Thursday, July 29, 2010

VOGUE ALIEN - Vogue Flashback

(after: British Vogue, June 1919 by Lepape)

2560 A.D. Vogue Press Release:
Today Vogue is proud to announce the fully Alien version of Vogue*. Vogue Alien will we sold: world, solar system and galaxy wide.
Vogue Alien shows the real beauty that all non humans out there posses. This is a magazine where one can feel proud to display your tentacles, suckers, claws, proboscis, feelers and exoskeletons. For our first cover we have the inter-galaxial star Hteeeex88** from Argon-7421, here unique style and slender neck made her the perfect alien out there to model for our largest necklace spread ever.

*Vogue Alien is only one of the excellent publications currently available at Vogue International Mega Corp (Pty) (Ltd): Vogue, Vogue Teen, Vogue Mid-life, Vogue Octogenarian, Vogue Distinguish, Vogue Kid, Vogue Plus, Vogue Multi, Vogue Vogue, Vogue Squared, Vogue Infinity, Vogue Ultimax and the new Vogue Alien will be sold at all 3.4 billion Sturbucks stores Galaxy wide.

(Original Vogue cover unedited)