Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Nuclear Smile - Vogue Flashbacks

Monday, June 14, 2010

Nuclear Smile - Vogue Flashbacks

(after: British Vogue, Aug 1919 by Lepape)

Madame Letique had always wanted a tropical island to call her home. So when some of her friends told her that they could arrange an underhand deal with Kim Jong-il to acquire some prime North Korean island real estate, she jumped at the opportunity.
A the state funded banquet held in honor of Madame Letique taking residence in the charming totalitarian state, 3200 toddlers performed an elaborate 6 hour synchronised dance. At the end of the dance, whichever performers had not succumbed and been swept off the stage, bowed graciously at the glamorous foreigner.

Weeks later as M. Letique was settling into her neoclassical abode. She had just received a shipment of rare tropical birds. She was feeding one of these birds, the rarest of them all, the long tailed red amazonian macaw (porropenis-amazonius-psittacines), when a majestic plume appeared in the distance. As radiant as the sun, it's warmth brought a iridescent smile to her face, M. Letique mistook the sensation for being a smile only because she had no sense organs that could detect the searing radiation that overtook her small island. As her macaw vapourised before her eyes she realised that in fact her smile was melting off her face.

(original Vogue cover unedited)