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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Magic Box: Lynn and Horst

When Horst isn't eating organic German sausage, he is re-applying a smudgy coat of lipstick to his Cure-esque look. A great purveyor of the man-skirt, Horst has become a fashion activist traveling the fashion capitals of the world. On a chance occasion with Giorgio (Armani), Horst put his case across to him; Isn't it about time that man-skirts made it into the main stream? "Sure, sure darling. God knows I've tried, but let me give you some advice: Stop now before they come for you, this isn't a suggestion, it's a threat." he said, flashing a butterfly knife infront of his face. In a flash he had disappeared. This was not the only run in with the MaMSM (Males against Man-Skirts Mafia) that Horst had: Yohji, Jean, John, Hedi. It wasn't long before Horst had to go into deep, deep hiding.
He couldn't tell a soul where he was going, he had to leave everyone he knew behind because of his vision. A vision of a world with out gender biased fashion.

Horst runs a fashion commentary blog: 
Lipstick and Sausage. Fashion with pride. Bad taste with risk.

(Original Image © Lynn and Horst)

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