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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome NYMag and NYTimes Readers

From NYTimes (read: article) to NYMag (read: article).

An interesting quote from the article:
"But Schuman, being a street-style blogging pioneer who popularized the genre, thereby helping turn Fashion Week into a spectacle that is now so much more meaningful than it once was, should know that the Internet, at its core, is a free-for-all! Has he, as an Internet fashion superstar, lost his way? Next thing we know he'll only do print work."
As I alluded to in my post yesterday (read: post, or see below) I think that the real problem with this debacle is how easy it seems for people to flip from originally coming from an open online medium source and then eventually getting sucked into the traditional media formats that they were trying to break away from in the first place. This has really become a discussion point on new media now and its getting rather spicy. I suggest you read the comments on the NYMag article, very interesting.

So Again welcome to any NYTimes  and NYMag readers.

If this is your first time here, take a look around - there are more than 100 posts to keep you interested. 

Like the blog? Fear not because as I said in my reply to an email from Scott Schuman (read here) I will be continuing this blog in the same spirit as I have up to this point, only with completely original works.
Don't like the blog? Well thats your own opinion, but comment and tell me why, I am totally open to criticism on how I can make the site more relevant. And I don't censor comments (unless they are spam)

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