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Monday, April 26, 2010

Magic Box: Threadbared

(Minh-Ha and Mimi)

They go by the names: Minh-Ha and Mimi, but their friends call them: Minh-Ha-Mimi. When they aren't researching articles for their blog they are out and about dressed in period dress time traveling to the greatest points of human progress. Pictured above, they have just seen the unveiling of the 'telephone' by Alexander Graham Bell, and are about to flash back into the future to view the unveiling of the iPhone by Steve Jobs. Then its off for a spot of brunch with Marilyn Monroe before she became famous, and a sitting for Picasso in his Blue period.
Mimi: "You think its hard dressing for a day at work! Ha, try dressing appropriately for three decades in two different centuries. Now thats challenging."

Minh-Ha and Mimi are:
"... two clotheshorse academics who write and teach the politics of fashion and beauty. "
Visit their blog Threadbared to get a fashion viewpoint with theoretical substance.

(Original Image © Threadbared)

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