Google+ Fake Sartorialist: A Glee(p) into the Unknown

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Glee(p) into the Unknown

(Click image to see in HD)

What happens when the cast of Glee is left to float in space:

Like a veritable Dorothy, Rachel floats in a black whirlwind of space. Here unfortunately no one can hear her vocal prowess, nor the clicking of her Converse sneakers.
Finn trying to catch Rachel before she gets sucked into a trans-dimensional vortex, is as usual to late.
While Kurt mimes the ring he has just received from an imaginary Tom Ford. Suffering from vacum-induced dementia isn't always a bad thing.
Artie enjoys his free movement for a few seconds, but no one can hear his cries of joy.
Finally Mercedes tries to bring everyone back to their senses, but gets distracted by the havoc the zero-gravity has wreacked on her french manicure.
Meanwhile, off in the distance Brittany and Santana swim with 'gay' sharks, otherwise known as dolphins.

Making-of Video: