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Monday, April 5, 2010

Fashion Comic: Guillotine S/S 2010 Part 1 S.A. Fashion Week

The response to the blog in the last few days has been phenomenal. Thanks for all the comments (friendly and unfriendly, but mostly the friendly ones). I am taking all suggestions into consideration and will be putting them into the blog when I can [animated fashion comics coming in the near future].

Also I just picked up on a really interesting acticle by Threadbare: What is this "Fake" in The Fake Sartorialist? a snipet:
"Schuman actually provides a comment on The Fake Sartorialist post (March 31, 2010) that ominously intones, "Intellectual property beware. Intellectual freedom beware. En garde." I think the en garde is pretty funny - even charming in another context - but I'm not really sure if he's threatening Cachucho or being playful here." (Threadbare article)

I'm not sure wether this comment is by Scott or not (its unlikely, but no one can tell from anonymous comments). It is a rather charming comment, as long as it is playful and not threatening....
Since the comment itself is utterly baseless*  I'm assuming its not of the threatening kind?
* (see previous posts on what The Fake Sartorialist is really about, and the above mentioned article)

And now for some entertainment!
Part 1 of the fabulous 2010 Guillotine Spring/Summer show:

[Click to see full sized image]

Part 2 coming soon...