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Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Tale of Tulle and Genius - Designer Essence: Victor & Rolf

Caught in their grandmothers attic, Victor & Rolf play for hours in mounds of tulle that used to be their mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers bridesmaid, engagement and wedding dresses. As a piece of stray tulle floats into a glimmering beam of light, V&R have an epiphany. They start combining dresses and cutting away at them furiously.
Their mother nods knowingly through an interview: "They have always been like this you know. I guarantee that in three days they will emerge with something that you have never seen before."
"You know in 1993, they just came out of nowhere to become instant fashion icons." She continued, " I mean they are form the Netherlands for God's sake! No one ambitious comes from the Netherlands." she said matter-of-factly. I disputed this fact, but she insisted and offered me some bland biscuits as proof.
After three days V&R were still not satisfied with their exploits. They were covered with bits of tulle, some random and other rather strategically placed tufts created interesting combinations (see image above)
(Images: Dazed & Confused 2009)

"We haven't achieved what we needed too! Normal utensils just are not enough. We need industrial grade lasers!" And industrial lasers they got. Weeks of testing had left mounds of smoking rayon melted tulle all over their studio. But there in the center of the room stood a series of dresses that defied gravity. Ones with holes blasted through them, others floating magically, some seemed to be hacked by chainsaws, all in exquisite pastel colours. Their job was one, now they could finally go home to play with their babushka dolls, where another illuminating beam of light awaits.