Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Global Cooling - Chanel Fall 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Global Cooling - Chanel Fall 2010

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Comic text:
This year for Chanel’s Fall 2010 show, Karl Largerfeld thought it would be a good idea to ship an entire iceberg from Sweden to the heart of Paris. Ignoring one of the major issues of our time, global warming, he decided to make a poignant statement. Karl Largerfeld is single handedly trying to bring back the ice-age through his stellar use, or in this case dis-use of fashion.

As we search for warmer climates in this modern ice age, we lug around our acrylic polymer jackets. They become matted as they drag along the floor. In fact they have been designed to collect small bits of food as the urban nomad moves around the ruins of our cities. At the end of a fruit full day he will return to his cave. Feeding his wife and two cubs, they will talk fondly of a time when clothes weren’t oversized, clunky and ill-fitting. To a time where people wore Chanel...