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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Fake Sartorialist on the NYTimes

The Fake Sartorialist has been hi-lighted in the NYTimes today (Article)

As for Scott's comment on the article:
Now everyone feels the Internet is a free-for-all,
I find it odd that Scott sees this as a 'now' moment. The internet has always been somewhat of a free-for-all, that is what makes it such an important medium.  Without the internet his very own blog (that is renowned for being reposted all over the web) would not be as popular as it is. 
One of the strengths of the internet is in the power users have to create new content from existing sources. And though of course I don't condone people just copying images willy nilly, I think there is definitely something to be said for new works created from appropriated sources. 
I for one used The Sartorialist's images only as a base and incorporated images from over 100 blogs that I visit every day. It's hardly a free-for-all; more like a long thoughtfull sifting through gigabytes of content.