Google+ Fake Sartorialist: The Beginning, Goodbye Scott Schuman

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Beginning, Goodbye Scott Schuman

The beginning of an interesting journey:
Earlier this week I received an email from the one and only Scott Schuman. No my dear readers, it wasn't a congratulation, nor was it an admonition, wait, no it was an admonition but a somewhat friendly one. I have been requested to no longer use images taken by The Sartorialist due to copyright issues.

P.S. I had never seen my works up till now as derivative works, and saw each piece as a unique and engaging new work that changed the original meaning of each image in a novel and non-parasitic way. It is thus that I feel completely comfortable continuing the modus operandi of The Fake Sartorialist by creating new works (with no connection to The Sartorialist) that questions the role of fashion in our society. The power of the current fashion webspace is in the possibility of really changing the way people look at and engage with fashion, and I will try to push that viewpoint as far as possible with The Fake Sartorialist.

(or perhaps the beginning said Louis)

And so it is that one chapter of The Fake Sartorialist's creations has closed, while another has just been completed that has no connection whatsoever to The Sartorialist (promise Scott). I will soon be rolling out a few regulars like Fashion Comics and Designer Essence. With new projects like Vogue Flashbacks coming in the near future.

(Designer Essence sneak peek)

As for Fashion Comics, expect some to be coming your way this weekend for South African Fashion Week S/S 2010.