Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Anna dello Russo goes Hannibal Lecter

Monday, March 1, 2010

Anna dello Russo goes Hannibal Lecter

Anna dello Russo has been sporting designer looks from the age of twelve (NY Mag article). So its no wonder she needs to go to ever greater lengths to top her previous looks. She is the star of the fashion circuit, and rightly so, she dares to wear the most stand out pieces time and time again.
Here I suggest she wears a standout piece, inspired by the Hannibal Lecter mouth-piece, that is bound to get heads turning and toddlers whimpering.
Coupled with a natural print jacket, that has taken hundreds of hours to create. Endangered African dung beetles are made to push along sponge balls of ink across the fabric, guaranteeing that not one piece ever looks the same. Insect labour is the new sweat-shop.
And the piece de resistance is a hand blown, white-stained-glass dress weighing just under 100kg. Accented with lead piping and ebony cutouts. It is important to note that the last model that wore this dress very nearly fainted due to its weight, this would most certainly have left a rather nasty mess on the catwalk, but fashion is a dangerous and beautiful profession and if your not willing to stand the glass shards you've gotta get out of the kitchen.