Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Who's Q, NYC

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who's Q, NYC

Q is an enigmatic figure. No one knows how to class Q; male of female, gay or straight, genius or simpleton. At the age of 12 Q decided that labels were restricting her lifestyle, they were limiting the infinite possibilities of life, the universe and everything.
Q began proceedings to change her/his/it's name to ?. Years of legal proceedings lead to Q's current name, courts found that a punctuation mark could not be accepted as a legally binding name. Q settled for the next best thing, Q.
For years the celebrity status attained by Q's court case battles lead to lucrative television, print and radio deals; Questions with Q, What's with Q, What's your Q, Q&A (a popular show featuring Q and Alanis Morissette) and who could forget Q*U*E a MASH style parody show.
Today, Q designes for her own unique clothes line: ?byQ. Each clothing item is a unique once off design, never to be named, categorized or repeated.