Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Rio Sufi

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rio Sufi

Manfred (for a short time Muzaffer) studied sufism for four years in Tambacounda, Senegal. He braved the 54 °C (130°F)  heat to undergo rigorous sufi teachings. But when his visa finally expired he was deported from Senegal in a cod-fish trawler and over five years made his way to Rio de Janeiro.
Here, even in the summer heat he still manages to keep cool with just the slightest breeze. 
The draping techniques he learnt from his sufi masters are breathtaking, they create 3d forms that direct air so efficiently that Lockheed Martin are currently undergoing wind tunnel tests on Manfred and his masterful drapery. Indeed he is often found harboring perishables under his clothing when the all to common power cut hits Rio.