Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Bill Cunningham, Paris

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bill Cunningham, Paris

Mr Cunningham, soon after retiring from his radio talk show he began taking courses at the infamous clown school: Ecole Jaques Le Coq. He took to clowning-about like a duck to holy water.
He now travels the fashion scene as 'the entertainment' after the runway show, but as far as I'm concerned he is better than the show. After this years Victor & Rolf show in Paris, he did a 15 minute mime piece that had Donatella weeping half the time and laughing for the other half, other emotions might have been involved but it was difficult to tell.
Bill isn't even close to throwing in the towel and retiring into a life in luxury with a lithe playboy bunny. He is being billed as the main attraction of the new Cirque de Soleil event: OLDNESS. The show taps into a large market of retired clowns and performance artists and is projected to do well in the economic downturn, with retired clowns asking only half the price of their young counterparts.

When I think I have accomplished something with this blog I just think about Bill and how much he has done through his life. It is then that I realise that I have 50 or so years still to go and I'm terrified of the thought of blogger not existing in the future. Hold me Bill… hold me...