Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Dianna and Karl Go Shopping for 'Blow' Style, NYC

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dianna and Karl Go Shopping for 'Blow' Style, NYC

I came across Dianna and Karl (the Netherland dwarf rabbit) again this week. I'd been walking about with a few assistants pushing around racks of trench coats coaxing people to put them on and strike a pose, but after Madonna and Lady GaGa striped naked in a desperate plea to be photographed in one of our coats, I gave just up.
And as I turned away, I saw them again, like two headlight shocked dear staring into my lens. Dianna was on a pet shopping spree. She told me of the recent consignment of lost pets she had found and aptly named; Kate the stick insect, Gaultier the lemur and Anna the bush-baby.
As I talked to Dianna, Karl would curiously pop his head out, take a sniff of two and retreat back into his albatros-freather head-dress (sourced from the Isabella Blow archives), which smelt faintly of wood shavings and ammonia, rather like some of the latest christmas perfumes I have sampled (you know which I mean).
I am so glad I ran into Dianna and Karl again, it was a breath of strangely scented air to my dreary day.