Google+ Fake Sartorialist: Dianna and Karl, NYC

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dianna and Karl, NYC

Dianna Lundt is an assistant  fashion editor at Big Man Magazine. She enjoys short walks in the marshlands of Patagonia and the feel of a good lama-skin coat on her bare neck.
In her spare time she rescues lost pets in NYC, sometimes returning them to sender, most of the times collecting them in her apartment. The newest edition to her collection of fluffy animals is a Netherland dwarf rabbit named Karl (see image). She got the name from his constant stare and those big black eyes that look just like sunglasses. She doesn't go anywhere without him and her dress sense always includes a secret pouch for her miniature friend.
So we say goodbye to Dianna (and Karl) as she walks down 7th Street in her Victor & Rolf heels feeding Karl his 4-hourly bottle of body temperature pasturised milk. I'm sure we will meet again.