Google+ Fake Sartorialist: On the Street….Camera Crush, Paris

Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the Street….Camera Crush, Paris

Alessandra Colombo is quite possibly the most charming wo/man I have met all year. The key to her look is her outstanding Kenyan headrest cum hat cum cellphone signal booster. It's custom made in the back alleys of Nairobi from dismantled hijacked cars and thus has some of the latest interior stylings of executive vehicles.
To be flamingly honest this season has been a veritable drought in finding the fashionable well-to-do hanging about the latest shows. Put quite simply, the economic downturn has drastically reduced the amount of people that can spend a thousand euros on a well tailored shirt. Let alone a gold, chestnut-wood, carbon-fiber, brushed aluminum encrusted headpiece. So to put it simply, I practically wept into my Louis Vitton handkerchief when I met miss Alessandra, she is indeed worthy of the extended zoom of my camera.