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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Influencers - The Fake August Sander

When I first saw this book, I knew I would like it, even though its 10% text to 90% photo ratio is a bit higher than I usually go for. I never the less decided to page through that dreary introduction to find a veritable trove of inspiration.
As I flipped through the pages, it was as if I had met my destiny. I wondered, What Would Sander Do? If he lived in the digital age, with digital cameras, high speed internet and lastly, but most importantly: high-definition digital colour photography. Don't get me wrong, I think his black and white images are quaint but sometimes, through their graininess, you can hardly see the most valuable part of the whole image: those stick out designer labels, the things life were made for.
(An early example of PRADA photographed by Sander)

(A 'candid' Burberry shot, also by Sander)

So after a double mocha latte frappe spent flipping through the book's glossy pages, I decided I'd drop those glossy pages for a (default themed) blogger blog, and thus the Fake Sartorialist began. The rest is history...