Google+ Fake Sartorialist: The Lusty SARTORIAlust at Barneys

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Lusty SARTORIAlust at Barneys

I've been sweating like a fashionable-pig getting my pop-up extravaganza ready for the mega chain Barneys. It took me days to get stock of those Sartorialist must haves, for example, the beautiful ceramic toy pictured above.
It is hand molded by Columbian toddlers over four days in exchange for a meager pay (sometimes). But when you see it, you just know its worth it. It just leaps for joy, almost like how Kate Moss floats for a few seconds when she jumps in the air.

Secondly, I decided to make it easier for people to pick complex clothing configurations that perhaps only the very brave would ever venture to wear.
Like Mr Sequin-jock below. It took me three cross-dressing webstores, four different international versions of Amazon and two transvestite escorts to get just the right look together. Who knew that sequined jockstraps where so fiendishly difficult to get by (Dsquared should take note, the market is wide open and they should backorder now for bulk savings in the future).